Discover “I Am Other” – Pharrell Williams

pharrell-williams2Super music producer and overall renaissance man Pharrell Williams took his limitless creativity from the unexpected origin of Virginia Beach with his 7th grade pal Chad Hugo, and exploded all over the world of music as the colorful collective – The Neptunes – creating hit records for the likes of: BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Mos Def, Cee-Lo Green and Madonna. Aside from designing clothing for his brand Billionaire Boys Club, performing live with his band N.E.R.D. and scoring movies like Despicable Me – Pharrell Williams launched a cool website:

The online oasis known as I Am Other consists of musicians, moviemakers, graphic designers and artisans that defy stereotypes, renew the creativity of their chosen field and do not fit directly into rigid old-fashioned categories. Four prominently featured “I Am Other” singers and rappers have already received production work and career guidance from Pharrell Williams himself – singer and musician Alyssa Bernal, California rapper Buddy, pop singer Leah LaBelle, and genre blending singer Maxine Ashley.

There are plenty of online shows and videos available under the I Am Other blanket. Issa Rae, a Stanford graduate, has the self-explanatory comedy series: Awkward Black Girl. The hilarious Vancouver music aficionado Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews the most exciting musical performers on his show Nardwuar. The assumptions between music and race get shattered by filmmaker/artist RAE with his “what are you listening to” show called Stereotypes. Fashion designer Chrissie Miller has her creative do-it-yourself fashion series entitled Club Chrissie. Technology buffs can get their fix with Jonathan Geller’s The BGR Show. ZS Grant puts a documentary spin on art with Voice of Art, Others by Hypebeast covers the tastemakers of the creative world, and even Pharrell himself takes you into his own world with video clips covering his expansive life.

Overall, Pharrell Williams has branded his love of music, with his shared excitement for film, fashion, art and technology – all under one digital roof with dazzling pastel colors. His eclectic musical taste is literally spread out across the visually appealing site, totally capturing his broad and evolved taste and a hint of where he looks to remix it all in the future.