A nice piano piece by Liszt

My parents have always been the type of people who love to support me and my siblings with what we want to do. Plus they also suggest a lot of different things for us to try out. When we were still young they let us choose what sports we wanted to learn and what hobby each of us liked to have. I chose to learn how to play the piano as well as have singing lessons.

My brother of course had my dad teach him how to play various sports and my sister chose cooking. My mother called me out to the kitchen from time to time so that I can help out with preparing the food but I never really took interest in it. I was so happy with learning how to play the piano and singing along some tunes. But even if there were popular Hollywood songs that I was able to learn, I still preferred to play classic pieces such as Liszt’s Consolation. There were a lot of pianists that I greatly loved and Liszt was one of them. Hers is Lang Lang playin the piece:

Every day I tried to play a new piece and when I searched about him in the Internet once, I realized that I missed out on so many of his pieces. I tried to search them up online and there was only one website that truly impressed me with the collection that it had. I willingly paid the amount needed since music meant a whole lot to me.

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